Asia Pacific Magnet Wire Ltd. is one of the largest producers of FINE & ULTRA FINE enamelled wire Since 60 Years. Our enamelled wires are marketed worldwide and considered an industry leader with its application in various industries. With the joint efforts of our administering authorities, our company is becoming more prosperous every day. We are a developed professional enterprise with alarge annual supply capacity.

We have a vast production range from 0.010mm to 6.00mm. Our company uses a variety of sophisticated computer testing equipment to carry out on-line quality assurance which has allowed our products to deliver on our commitment of being high quality and the best amongst our competitors. Our enamelled machines have an advanced intelligent computer and laser monitoring system controlling the entire course of the production which is run by our highly trained team having strict quality control ensuring high quality production. We have passed the lSO9OO1:2000 Quality Management Certification which helps us provide better products and services to our clients. We have the best quality management system without compromise on any aspect, which we are always improving.


We aim to keep pace with the high technology development while working closely with our valuable partners. Our company will always promise to develop perfectly crafted products as per our customers' requirements while always satisfying our customer. We always help improve the local communities along with being environmentally friendly. Our large team works together to achieve our mission and make our company grow. In return we provide opportunity of stable jobs and growth.


We provide best quality at the best price while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.